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Kaitlyn TanKaitlyn Tan
10:42 21 Jul 24
Fast and responsive customer service and the cleaning process went really well!
Shona HoShona Ho
06:02 20 Jul 24
Nhitz Team - thank you for the post cleaning services! It started with a walkthrough and description of service and ended with a walkthrough and they allow for touch up on areas the areas which need more work. Thank you for the great effort!
Dhruv ShankerDhruv Shanker
05:28 20 Jul 24
Excellent service. The crew was professional, very pleasant and did a thorough job. They brought all the equipment and cleaning supplies required and were punctual to the dot. Setting up the appointment over WhatsApp was super easy too. Our sofas and carpets look practically new after this deep cleaning service. Highly recommended.
Dr Jade KuaDr Jade Kua
21:36 18 Jul 24
The team that came was punctual, polite and efficient. They cleaned my 9 seater sofa in my coaching academy in one hour. They even updated me intermittently on the progress. Will certainly use their service again for other cleaning needs.
15:25 18 Jul 24
Just gotten my keys to a f&b unit which the last tenant had left a very messy and dirty unit…. Shock to see a all ladies group coming to clean a commercial unit… they proved me wrong… they did a wonderful and amazing job , the whole unit is sparkling clean ! They did not miss out any spots… and the girls are very polite and hardworking …thank you very much ! Will definitely use your service again and will intro to others ! Oh yah , the administration side via watsapp or call were efficient and very responsive! Wonderful service !
Yi TingYi Ting
13:53 17 Jul 24
I'm really surprised by how pleasant and professional the workers are! Engaged their team for post-reno cleaning and they did a thorough walk through with me before and after the cleaning. They turned the dusty house into such a great condition for move-in! Will also engage them for future cleaning.
Gareth TanGareth Tan
13:11 17 Jul 24
Jo CJo C
04:08 17 Jul 24
It’s my first time trying out this cleaning service and of cos with Be Mitey Clean. The service was great from start till end, and Fariz who was there to assist with my couch and mattress cleaning was professional and thorough. Thank you and look forward to the next service with your company!
05:28 16 Jul 24
I’ve moved in for about 3 years now and a lot of dust and pet hair have accumulated on the curtains. Also needed to deep clean my carpet and mattress. Azahair arrived and got right down to work, knowing exactly what to do. After that the curtains (finally) felt clean as new. Job well done!
23:52 14 Jul 24
Good service. Recommended !

Cement | Concrete

Process Deep Cleaning
No. of Step
4-Step Process
Every 6 -12 Months
Dirt Extraction
Steam Disinfection
Solution Injection
Twin-Brush Scrubbing
Water Injection Cleaning
Protective Coating

What's In The Process?

Dirt Extraction

Dust Mite Extraction
removes dust mites, dander, dead skin, hairs, dirt and debris

Steam Disinfection

Steam Disinfection
Kills and breaks down 99% of: germs, bacteria, allergens, odours

Solution Injection

Steam Disinfection
Kills and breaks down 99% of: germs, bacteria, allergens, odours

Twin-Brush Scrubbing

Machine Scrubbing
Agitates fibres using a single disc scrubber to remove light stains

Water Injection

Water Injection Cleaning
Removes and lightens: oil, sweat, moisture, bodily fluids

Protective Coating

Water Injection Cleaning
Removes and lightens: oil, sweat, moisture, bodily fluids

Cement Floor Cleaning Rate

Suitable for both commercial spaces and residential carpeted flooring

Carpet Floor Size Ultimate Shampoo
<599 sqft
$0.60 / sqft
600 - 1200 sqft
$0.35 / sqft
1201 - 2500 sqft
$0.30 / sqft
2501 - 5000 sqft
$0.25 / sqft
5001 - 7999 sqft
$0.20 / sqft

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Cement floor cleaning is essential. Here's why:

On a day-to-day basis, we constantly step on our carpets with our dirty feet. Even though we can’t see the dirt accumulating on the surface, we’re confident that it’s definitely there. Even though we’re careful, food crumbs and other droppings can still get lodged between the carpet fibres and you won’t even know it happened.

Once dirt, dust, and crumbs are left in your carpet for long periods of time, they become a breeding ground for insects, germs, and bacteria. Because the carpet is always being stepped on, the germs and bacteria can spread in the air easily and can cause allergies or illnesses.

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Cement Floor Cleaning

Cement floors are a popular flooring option in many homes and businesses due to their durability, affordability, and low maintenance requirements. However, over time, these floors can become stained, discoloured, and dull, detracting from their appearance and making them appear dirty and uninviting. Fortunately, with the right cleaning techniques and tools, you can effectively clean and restore your cement floors to their original, attractive state.

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Why Cement Floor Cleaning Is Essential

Cleaning cement floors is essential for several reasons. First, regular cleaning can help maintain the appearance of the floors, keeping them looking clean and well-maintained. It can also prevent dirt and stains from building up and becoming more challenging to remove over time.

Additionally, cleaning cement floors can help prevent the growth of mould and mildew, which can lead to health issues and unpleasant odours. Finally, regular cleaning can help extend the lifespan of your cement and concrete floors, preventing damage and deterioration that can occur over time without proper maintenance.

We Use State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Apart from the qualified staff, we utilise the best technology to keep your cement and concrete floors clean. As a carpet cleaning Singapore business, we employ every possible means to bring the outcome you want.

Employing Be Mitey Clean as your cement or concrete floor cleaning Singapore Company, you need not have to worry about all such issues as we have already designed our mechanism to deal with all such matters.

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All the services will be performed at your place right in front of you. You don’t need to provide us with equipment for the cleaning. We will come with all the equipment required for this.


While it’s possible to clean cement floors yourself, there are several benefits to having them professionally cleaned:

  1. Improved Appearance: Professional cleaning can help restore the appearance of your cement floors, removing stubborn stains, discolorations, and buildup that may be difficult to remove with household cleaning products.

  2. Deep Cleaning: Professional cleaning equipment and products can provide a deeper clean than what is possible with household cleaning tools. This deep cleaning can remove embedded dirt and grime from the pores of the cement, which can improve the overall cleanliness and health of your environment.

  3. Longer Lifespan: Professional cleaning can help extend the lifespan of your cement floors by removing damaging buildup and preventing wear and tear. This can save you money in the long run by delaying the need for expensive repairs or replacements.

  4. Professional Equipment: Professional cleaners have access to specialized equipment designed to clean cement floors effectively. This equipment is often more powerful and efficient than what is available to the average homeowner, making it possible to achieve a better clean in less time.

  5. Customized Cleaning Solutions: A professional cleaning service can tailor their cleaning solutions to your specific needs, using the right products and equipment to achieve the best results for your unique flooring situation.

In conclusion, there are several benefits to having your cement floors professionally cleaned. From improved appearance and deeper cleaning to longer lifespan and customized solutions, professional cleaning can help keep your floors looking and functioning their best for years to come.

The frequency with which you should have your cement floors professionally cleaned will depend on several factors, including the amount of foot traffic your floors receive, the type of activities that take place in the space, and the level of dirt and grime that accumulates on the floors.

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to have your cement floors professionally cleaned at least once a year. However, if your floors are located in a high-traffic area or if they are exposed to a lot of dirt, dust, or debris, you may need to have them cleaned more frequently.

Additionally, if you notice any stains or discoloration on your cement floors that you can’t remove with regular cleaning, it may be time to have them professionally cleaned. A professional cleaning service will have access to specialized equipment and cleaning solutions that can help remove even the toughest stains and restore your floors to their original condition.

Ultimately, the best way to determine how often you should have your cement floors professionally cleaned is to pay attention to their condition and adjust your cleaning schedule accordingly. If you notice that the floors are starting to look dirty or discolored, it may be time to schedule a professional cleaning to help restore them to their original condition.

Depending on the size of your floor area and how dirty it is.

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