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Will Pressure Jet Wash cleaning suit me?

Our pressure jet wash cleaning service enhances the exterior of your home and prolongs its lifespan. It effectively removes stains, dirt and build-up. Be it your deck, patio or any external surface outdoor, we’ll be able to help make it look fresh and clean again.


What's In The Process?

Application of hard stain removal solution

We utilize biodegradable and organic chemicals to minimize our impact on the environment while still maintaining high levels of efficiency. This results in some of the most environmentally responsible pressure cleaning services in Singapore.

Pressure Jet Wash Cleaning

We offer customized high pressure cleaning solutions for any job. This leads to greater efficiency and effectiveness compared to other providers, especially in cleaning areas such as gum, moss, porous surfaces, painted surfaces, oil spills, hard-to-reach areas, and beyond.


Pressure Jet Wash Cleaning Rates

Area Size Pressure Jet Wash Cleaning
<599 sqft
$0.60 / sqft
600 - 1200 sqft
$0.35 / sqft
1201 - 2500 sqft
$0.30 / sqft
2501 - 5000 sqft
$0.25 / sqft
5001 - 7999 sqft
$0.20 / sqft
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5/5 Stars on Google Reviews

Be Mitey Clean
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Nurkhairah SumartoNurkhairah Sumarto
01:05 18 Feb 24
Very impressed with the cleaning service by the team. They were able to detail so much more post renovation compared to the cleaning contractor provided by my interior designer. The cleaning duration was quite long but the result was worth the wait. The cleaning team was also very detailed and gentle with all our existing installation. Will definitely engage them in the future again!
Lok LuiLok Lui
11:16 16 Feb 24
my frd recommended Be Mitey and i decided to engage them for move out deep cleaning. Their job is fantastic. Highly recommended!
Chelle FooChelle Foo
14:52 15 Feb 24
This company is very reliable and has very well-trained, friendly and knowledgeable cleaning supervisors and customer service officers. We have repeatedly engaged them to clean our sofa and mattress as we have furry pets and babies! They do deep cleaning, remove dust mites and leave our house smelling very fresh!
Veronica EgidiVeronica Egidi
09:27 08 Feb 24
Good service! Super recommended.Efficient and kind!
Soh JencalinSoh Jencalin
06:59 04 Feb 24
Fantastic job! Well done. All this well,i didn't know got such cleaning services. I Google for sofa cleaning, I am glad and lucky that I found Be Mitey Clean. I thought I only paying for the cleaning of my sofa frame, not knowing that it includes the 4 sofa as well! For $120! You get such good service and follow up. Thumbs up! Should have engaged their services long time ago 😊
Amanda LeeAmanda Lee
06:08 03 Feb 24
Overall really friendly and efficient service 🙏🏼 there was a small hiccup but they resolved it really quickly with other alternative. Prices are quite affordable as well, I'd definitely engage them again if I need it 🙂 Do support small businesses!
threst chowthrest chow
13:59 30 Jan 24
Engaged them for post renovation cleaning 🙂 they went above and beyond by helping to clean my fridge as well as the exterior of the windows and furnishing. Highly recommend!
Nathan HartzellNathan Hartzell
07:35 19 Jan 24
They communicated well with me while I was asking questions and when we were setting up my appointment. They gave me several reminders of my appointments. They called ahead to let me know they were on their way and arrived promptly when they said they would. Their service people were very friendly and explained things quite well. They were happy to add on my small backless bench which I forgot about when I set up the appointment. They did a very good job of getting the smell of urine out of the mattress from my daughter's room. It was a couple of years worth of urine so it was pretty impressive! Thank you!
brenda ongbrenda ong
11:29 15 Jan 24
Great service from a fantastic team and they went above n beyond the hours just to finish the cleaning despite it was my mistiming , thank you very much! 😊
N BalaN Bala
02:13 12 Jan 24
I have picked Be Mitey Clean for my cleaning needs after reading several positive comments/reviews. Queries, quotation and appointment were all through WhatsApp.Firdaus and Sandra ei arrived on time yesterday (11.01.2024) to clean our carpeted staircase. They were polite, courteous and professional. Firdaus examined the condition of the carpet and clearly explained the cleaning/treatment process.Firdaus and Sandra started to clean the carpet. I noticed they worked as a good pair and completed the job within an hour. Firdaus even provided some tips on maintaining the carpet well and frequency on deep cleaning & disinfection of my carpeted staircase.I will definitely engage Be Mitey Clean for all my future spring cleaning of my house.Thank you Firdaus and Sandra ei for the good work. It is much appreciated 👍

Importance of Maintainence

Improve the appearance of your outdoor space with our high-pressure cleaning services. Regular cleaning is a great way to maintain the condition of your property, including externals, driveways, and wooden decks. Both commercial enterprises and homeowners can benefit from our pressure washing services, whether it’s cleaning the exterior of an office building, a parking lot, sidewalks, or entrance awnings.

Our high-pressure patio, path, and driveway cleaning service will deeply clean and restore all stone and concrete paving styles, without the use of harsh chemicals or detergents. Your worn-out driveway or patio will look brand new. Our fully-trained high-pressure cleaning staff are equipped to handle most jobs, bringing your once rundown and unsightly surfaces back to their former glory. To further protect the cleaned surface, a protective sealant can be added, repelling dirt and oil for up to three years. Contact us today for a revitalized outdoor area.

It Is A Lot To Handle, But Not For Be Mitey Clean

Be Mitey Clean is your go-to for pressure jet wash cleaning because of our commitment to delivering high-quality, customized services. 

Our team of skilled technicians utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and biodegradable and organic chemicals to effectively clean even the toughest stains, gum, moss, and more. We understand that no two properties are the same, which is why we offer tailor-made solutions to meet your specific cleaning needs. Whether you need to clean your home’s exterior, an oil spill, or a hard-to-reach area, our team is up for the challenge. With a focus on both efficiency and environmental responsibility, you can trust that your property is in good hands with Be Mitey Clean. 

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Pressure Jet Wash Cleaning on All Surfaces

We clean all types of surfaces, both inside and out, with our high-pressure washing systems. Our systems can tackle a variety of materials, including weatherboards, bricks and pavers, terracotta, render, colorbond, cladding, concrete, slate, sandstone, and more, cleaning façades, fascia, eaves & roofs. Whether you need to revive your steps, fences, wells of stairs, passages, billboards, ceilings, driveways, or shade structures, we’ve got you covered. We’ll make them look brand new!

Does mold, mildew, grime, water staining, smoke damage, or unknown stains detract from the appearance of your building or home? Many businesses and homeowners resort to repainting when their buildings begin to look tired, rusty, or dirty. However, in many cases, a visit from our high-pressure cleaning specialists can refresh the appearance of your building without requiring a repaint. Contact us today for a fresh and new look.


Pressure jet washing is a high-powered cleaning method that uses a powerful stream of water to blast away dirt, grime, and other impurities from various surfaces. The pressure washer works by using a high-pressure pump to increase the water pressure and create a powerful stream of water that can effectively clean surfaces without the need for harsh chemicals or manual labor.

With pressure jet washing, a wide range of surfaces can be cleaned, including concrete driveways and patios, wooden decks, building exteriors, sidewalks, roofs, and more. The high pressure of the water stream can easily blast away dirt, grime, and other impurities, leaving the surface looking clean and refreshed.

Our cleaning company uses environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions that are biodegradable and organic, so you can rest assured that our pressure jet washing services are safe for the environment. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service while also being environmentally responsible.

The benefits of pressure jet washing over other cleaning methods include its effectiveness in removing stubborn stains, its ability to clean a wide range of surfaces, and its environmentally-friendly nature. Additionally, pressure jet washing can save you time and money compared to other cleaning methods, as it requires less manual labor and doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals. You can enjoy a refreshed, clean outdoor area without having to spend hours cleaning or worrying about the impact on the environment.

Our pressure jet washing specialists are fully trained and experienced in the use of high-power washers and can handle even the toughest cleaning jobs. Whether you need your concrete driveway cleaned or your building exterior refreshed, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right. We also offer a protective sealant that can be added to the cleaned surface to repel dirt and oil for up to 3 years, ensuring that your outdoor area stays clean and refreshed for longer.

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