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Tenants are responsible for cleaning the rental unit after their lease; doing so is essential to getting back their full security deposit. To be sure they don’t miss a single dust particle, tenants can complete this comprehensive end-of-tenancy cleaning checklist, now commonly known as a move-out cleaning.

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What Do You Need To Clean Before Moving Into A Rental Property?

Although you might not see it, a used house could be infested with germs, so it has to be thoroughly cleaned before you move in.

So how do you get started? We’ll walk you through every step of cleaning a rental house, from beginning to end!

It All Begins In The Kitchen:

Assuming you’ll want to begin cooking in the kitchen as soon as possible, it’s crucial to clean and sanitise this area first.

Start by cleaning storage areas like kitchen cabinets and the pantry thoroughly. Spray a disinfectant on the interiors and exteriors of these areas, then wipe with a clean cloth.

Make sure you have enough antibacterial spray and lots of clean towels, because this is the standard procedure for cleaning most surfaces throughout the house. Once the surfaces are dry, don’t forget to replace the shelf liners in the cabinets.

Second Is The Bathroom:

Since outsiders have already used them, new rental homes bathrooms should be treated as public restrooms. You are urged to disinfect the restrooms yourself because you have no idea what cleaning procedures were used.

Afterward, In The Bedrooms:

Cleaning an empty bedroom is quite easy; simply dust the walls, scrub the floor, and wash the windows. Well, nearly; you still need to clean the switchboards, doorknobs, and any other handles or portable objects in the room. If there are any bedroom furnishings, such as a bed, dresser, closet, etc., it is essential to clean them using a potent disinfectant. It’s also a good idea to use new drawer liners in the closet and dresser, change or thoroughly clean the mattress (if necessary), and replace any worn-out ones.

Let’s Go To The Living And Dining Rooms:

You’ll need at least a day to finish cleaning the living room if your new rental house has sofas and other furnishings.

Start by thoroughly cleaning all the upholstery, including the cushions on the sofa and any upholstery on the chairs. Wipe down the room’s other furniture, such as the TV stand, coffee table, side tables, cupboards, and shelves, using an all-purpose cleaner.

The dining room in your new rental property is the final room to clean after the halls. Start by thoroughly cleaning the chair upholstery and scrubbing the dining table with a natural cleaner.

What You Should Know Before Planning A Move Out Cleaning:

It’s time to put everything away and move on to better things. You’ve already moved your belongings out of your former apartment and have a new home set up. The dreaded move-out cleaning is the last remaining little hurdle in the way of you receiving your security deposit back.

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Let’s examine the areas you should pay attention to throughout the cleaning to guarantee the secure recovery of your security deposit.


The area surrounding your windows is one of the first things your previous landlord will inspect when you move out. When cleaning the areas near the windows, be thorough. Check the frames’ tops for debris and dust.

Apply a moist rag to the window well, which is the area between the screen and the window’s glass. Because there may be a lot of filth accumulated in the window well, you will want a pail of soapy water to clean your rag.

Spare Rooms:

Cleaning companies typically charge extra for move-out cleanings since there is more surface area to clean in an empty flat. It is now necessary to clean every place that was previously occupied by furniture; frequently, cleaning these areas does not continue throughout your stay in the flat.

As a result, there is a significant accumulation of filth and grime that needs special care. To remove the layers of filth that have accumulated at the carpet’s foundation, you might need to use a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Air Vents:

You must clean the vent covers in your flat if your apartment building has central heating and/or cooling.

Ignoring this procedure might cost you money since unattended vents could encourage the growth of airborne pollutants like germs and mildew. Asthma and allergies could develop as a result of this.

Since you’ll probably need to switch off your air conditioning while cleaning, you should attempt to clean all the vent caps at once. Wearing a baseball cap while cleaning your vent caps may help keep dust out of your eyes and hair if they’re in poor condition.

Start by removing the top layer of dust with your vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment or a microfiber cloth. Avoid using water or cleaning supplies during this phase since they will smear down your walls and create a major mess.