Top 5 Sofa Cleaning Services in Singapore: Your 2024 Guide

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Have you ever sat down on the sofa and realized that it’s looking rather shabby or smelling less than fresh? One would say that takes the fun out of the process, wouldn’t it? Maintaining your sofa tidy is vital to a neat and inviting home. A satisfying sofa cleaning service can breathe a new life into your old couch which you have grown to adore. It goes beyond the looks; it means providing a healthier home for you and your family.

We have picked the most efficient sofa cleaning services in Singapore for 2024. Our top 5 brands are all about quality, reliability, and price/value in mind with great reviews from the happy customers. Take a look at these best picks and check out how to revive your sofa and also create an atmosphere that is soothing and comfortable in your home.

Why Professional Sofa Cleaning is a Must in Singapore

With Singapore’s sticky humidity, it’s pretty vital to have your sofa cleaned by the experts. Why? Because it’s not just about keeping your furniture looking good. It’s about zapping those pesky dust mites, banishing germs, and dodging mold, all of which keeps you healthier and helps your sofa stick around longer. Opting for a top-notch cleaning service, like Be Mitey Clean, can really make a difference. They don’t just give your sofa a superficial once-over. They dive deep, ensuring it not only looks more inviting but also contributes to cleaner air in your home. With methods like steam cleaning, they’re all about keeping your space fresh and reducing those sneeze-inducing irritants. Going for professionals to handle your sofa cleaning? It’s a smart decision to take care of it properly and be all the more comfortable at home.

Key Criteria for Selecting the Best Sofa Cleaning Service in Singapore

Looking for a great sofa cleaning service in Singapore means thinking about more than just price. We’ve picked the best ones for 2024, focusing on what really matters for your sofa. Here’s what we considered important:

  • Variety of Cleaning Methods: Cleaning services offering a variety of methods, like steam cleaning and deep cleaning, to tackle just about any sofa you’ve got, is a plus point. This versatility ensures your couch not only looks its best but also holds up longer.
  • Eco-Friendly: Sustainability becomes more important than ever. Hence, it is fundamental to choose those services that utilize environmentally friendly products in their services.
  • Skilled Cleaners: Make sure you hire skilled cleaners to give you the highest standard of cleaning in your sofas. Experienced cleaning professionals are good at every fabric and leather sofa.
  • Happy Customers: We looked for services that people are happy with—those with great reviews and being reliable.
  • Guarantees and Advice: These services stand by their work and offer tips on how to keep your sofa looking its best.

Top 5 Sofa Cleaning Services in Singapore



BeMiteyClean is Singapore’s top eco-friendly sofa cleaner, great at cleaning both fabric and leather sofas. They use safe, green cleaning stuff and smart ways to deeply clean without leaving any harmful leftovers. This means your sofa ends up super clean and safe for the whole family, pets included.

Key Features:

  • Eco-Friendly Solutions: Uses safe, eco-friendly products.
  • Advanced Cleaning Techniques: They ensure to use new methods to remove those stubborn stains and freshen up your sofa.
  • Safety for All: No bad chemicals left behind, so it’s safe for kids and pets.



AlphaKleen SG stands out in Singapore for quickly making sofas look and feel fresh in just two hours. They use safe, eco-friendly cleaning methods, perfect for those who care about the environment. No bad chemicals are involved.

Key Differentiators:

  • Rapid Service Execution: Get your sofa spotless fast, matching Singapore’s fast-paced life.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: They’re big on looking after the planet, choosing to clean with safe, eco-friendly techniques like steam and deep cleaning.
  • Competitive Pricing and Quality: AlphaKleen strikes the perfect balance, providing stellar cleaning services without breaking the bank. It’s all about getting a fantastic deal for quality work.

DW Mattress Cleaning


DW Mattress Cleaning in Singapore is known for its top-notch sofa care, along with their mattress cleaning expertise. They offer everything from spot cleaning to deep cleaning for all types of sofas, ensuring each one gets the attention it needs.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Cleaning Options: From steam to deep cleaning, they match the right technique to your sofa’s needs for a deep and effective clean.
  • Convenient Scheduling and Expert Support: Booking with DW Mattress Cleaning is easy, and they’re there to answer all your sofa cleaning questions, making the whole process hassle-free.
  • Skilled Professionals: Their cleaners are pros at refreshing sofas, using the right tools and solutions to make your sofa look and last longer.

Clean Care

Clean Care

Clean Care shines in Singapore for cleaning both carpets and sofas. They’re great for homes or businesses, providing expert care. Plus, they have great discounts for yearly contracts, making them a top choice for regular, top-notch cleaning.

Key Highlights:

  • Expertise Across the Board: Good at cleaning carpets and sofas.
  • Attractive Long-Term Discounts: Save more with their long-term deals.
  • Versatile Service Offering: They keep both home and office furnishings fresh.

Big Mama

Big Mama

Big Mama is a top pick in Singapore for sofa cleaning, offering a wide range of cleaning services that fit your busy life. They’re open every day, including weekends, and use green cleaning solutions to keep your sofa spotless and the earth safe.

Key Differentiators:

  • Comprehensive Cleaning Services: Whether your couch just needs a simple steam or deep cleaning, these guys have your needs taken care of.
  • Weekend Availability: They’re open whole weekends as well. This really saves the day for ever-busy homeowners of Singapore.
  • Eco-Friendly Approach: They feed the planet with some kind of love when using environmentally friendly cleaning methods.

How to Prepare for a Sofa Cleaning Appointment

Going to have your sofa cleaned by a specialist? In a way, a little planning on your part will make the process a walk in the park, so that you can get real value for your investment.

  • Clear the Space: Remove any items and furniture around your sofa. This makes it easier to clean and avoids damage.
  • Quick Clean: Give your sofa a once-over with the vacuum to lift away dust and pet hair. It’s a nice head start for the cleaning crew to dive deeper.
  • Spot Check: Let the cleaners know about any stubborn stains or spots beforehand. This way, they can zero in on those trouble areas right from the get-go.

Maintaining Your Sofa After Professional Cleaning

Once your sofa has gotten the professional clean treatment, here are some cozy tips to help keep it looking and feeling fresh for longer:

  • Make Friends with Your Vacuum: A quick run-over once a week helps keep the dust bunnies at bay.
  • Act Quickly on Spills: Got a spill? Dab it up pronto to sidestep stubborn stains.
  • Be Sun Savvy: Dodge direct sunlight to keep your sofa’s fabric from fading and getting weaker.

Ensure Your Sofa Shines with Be Mitey Clean: The Ultimate Choice for 2024

Picking the perfect sofa cleaning service in Singapore is crucial for keeping your furniture not just clean but also in tip-top shape for the long haul. Our 2024 guide is all about helping you make a choice you feel good about, highlighting how starting with a clean sofa is the first step to a spotless home.

Thinking about giving your sofa a top-tier clean? Be Mitey Clean is where it’s at in Singapore. We’re all about deep, effective cleaning that’s kind to the planet too. Our crew of trained pros is ready to tackle any cleaning hurdle, making sure your furniture isn’t just clean, but feels brand new.